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iArb on iPhone and iPad.

International arbitration is a common, if not the default, means of resolving disputes between parties from different countries. When parties agree to resolve their disputes through arbitration, they can select from a variety of institutional rules to govern the arbitration process. They may also choose to locate the arbitration in specific countries, in which case the law of that country will typically apply to certain aspects of the arbitration. The entire international arbitration regime is undergirded by several international conventions.

Business people, persons involved in international business, transactional lawyers who advise on agreements with international dimensions, and arbitration lawyers often consult these rules and laws, which are unfortunately are often located in different publications and on disparate websites. Bringing these materials in hardcopy is also cumbersome and has no place in a world where information should be portable and available at your fingertips.

iArb is an app that brings together the key legal sources that relate to international arbitration in a free app available for iPhone and iPad. iArb contains (1) international treaties, (2) select institutional rules, and (3) select national laws on international arbitration. iArb attempts to include the most frequently referred-to sources, and plans to expand the content to include further sources in the future.

Each of these materials is fully text-searchable and available offline and on the go, even without an internet connection. Content is accessible through section links or via browsing functionality.

Additional functionality has been included in the form of (1) contact details and locations of various arbitral institutions, and (2) model clauses recommended by various arbitral institutions to assist in drafting of arbitration agreements.